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A Very Personal Look at Louis Kahn with Leslie Gallery-Dilworth – August 2, 2018

A Very Personal Look at Louis Kahn, Architect, and a Commentary on the Film “My Architect” by Nathaniel Kahn, with Galisteo resident Leslie Gallery-Dilworth

Thursday, August 2
Doors open at 6:30pm for 7:00pm presentation.

Admission is free. Donations encouraged.

Studying and working with architect Louis I Kahn, at the University of Pennsylvania, Leslie received 2 Master’s Degrees in Architecture. As graduate students, she and Harriet Pattison, Nathaniel’s Kahn’s mother, formed a close friendship, often babysitting for Kahn’s son, Nathaniel, who directed the film, My Architect.

Selected as the USA fellow by the National Endowment for the Arts, and the recipient of 3 NEA design grants, she was an Overseer at Penn Design, University of Pennsylvania. She was founding director of Philadelphia’s Foundation for Architecture, a civic platform for public participation and urban planning. At the University of Texas, Austin, she taught architectural and landscape design.

Her book, Luck is not a Plan for your Future, design your tomorrow today! uses principles of design to design your life.

A showing of the film, My Architect, by Nathaniel Kahn.
Nathaniel goes around the world to visit Kahns buildings, and talks with many who worked and studied with him. The conversations with Harriet and all the children are bittersweet. Lou and I had several private conversations about his relationships, and why he would never marry Harriet, although he loved her very much. The images of the architecture are fabulous, and powerful. As is the story, when you know the inside story.