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“Best Seats in the House” Closing Party – September 16, 2018

“Best Seats in the House” Closing Party

featuring the music of Nacha Mendez and Melanie Monsour

Sunday, September 16
4:00 to 6:00pm

The Board of La Sala and Galisteo Arts Center is gearing up for our Closing Party on Sunday, September 16, 4-6 pm. We are very excited to present the music of former Galisteo residents Nacha Mendez and Melanie Monsour. Nacha just received a Platinum Award from The New Mexico Music Association. Their music is beautiful, melodic and exciting!

Thank you for being part of the successful “Best Seats in the House” show, which has sold seven pieces for local artists. We hope to see you at the closing party for the season!