la sala de galisteo

Help us continue to restore this rare piece of New Mexico History!

5637 St. Rt. 41, Galisteo NM 87540,

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All events to be sponsored by and/or coordinated with a Galisteo resident*
  • Films
  • Music/Dance
  • Literature
  • Art Exhibits – solo or group
  • Workshops
  • Community Events
*visiting artists must be sponsored by a resident of Galisteo

$50 non-refundable deposit due at time of reservation
$200 refundable damage deposit
NO additional fees or percentage of sales
  • $100 – 1 day/evening (24 hr.) period – incl setup and takedown
  • $250 – weekend (3 consecutive days) – incl setup and takedown
  • $400 – week (7 consecutive days) – incl setup and takedown
  • $750 – month (30 consecutive days) – incl setup and takedown
Promotion, advertising, opening event costs and product insurance are the sole responsibility of the renter/organizer. Any income generated by the event belongs to the renter/organizer. La Sala will provide utilities, porta-potty and liability insurance. La Sala may encourage renting the Galisteo Community Center as an option for certain types of events, ie: food, automobile, outdoor kid focused.

*Rentals that plan to serve alcoholic beverages will need to show a valid Event Permit and proof of insurance or hire a licensed server.

**Fees subject to change without notice. For more information or to schedule
please contact:
the art center

Many thanks to Woody and Dianna Gwyn for the donation of a temporary gallery space, 2009-2014.

For much of the 20th century the ‘La Sala de San José’ building was still being used for social events including dances and weddings. The restored ‘La Sala’ will still host such events as the building becomes Galisteo‘s community ‘Art Center’ -- a cultural foundation. Residents of Galisteo are committed to keeping the building’s traditional dance hall ambiance in tact while updating it for handicap accessibility, art, theater and movie presentations as well as general ‘gallery’ type exhibitions.

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Events held at the Community Center.

Along with the continuation of meetings and get-togethers for the Sociedad, the interior space will be available for local and surrounding communities’ short term art exhibits and workshops, concerts, poetry readings, films and craft fairs. This space will also augment our annual Studio Tour held each October and any new seasonal art or cultural events in the village. The rental fees, to be determined according to type and length of event, will be used to help pay ongoing overhead such as rent, heat, phone and electricity. For visiting tourists, hikers, bikers and locals out for an afternoon stroll we hope to provide a comfortable and educational rest stop filled with the neccesities for both body and mind.

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Shows held in the temporary gallery space