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Front Door Project Completed

The La Sala Board hired Galistean Ted Montoya to restore the front doors and overhead window at La Sala. On April 16, the front doors were installed and they are working beautifully – big difference in functionality and looks! The overhead window, restored to an opening transom window, is also very functional. A big thank you to Ted, who has done a master carpenter piece of work, and to Anna Cárdenas, who was very helpful in consulting and researching on hardware (a mix of original and reproduction).

This was not an easy project: filler for the cracks, replacing some wood pieces in the doors, filling and sealing the four holes made over the years for locks and door knobs, sanding, multiple coats of primer and finish paint, etc. The doors themselves were warped and took some careful plane work to fit more tightly than before. The new threshold works great with a nice tight seal (no more wind or bugs coming through!); however, the floor in that area was very uneven and crumbly so needed to be addressed.

As you can see it certainly highlights the next sorely needed project – repairing and restoring the windows and framing on the sides and overhead. Much as we would like to have this done in time for the late May opening, we also need funds to do so. La Sala always appreciates donors!