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Lone Piñon – Returns 9/28/19

Lone Pinon
photo credit: Stacy M. Adams

We had so much fun in May, we’re bringing Lone Piñon back to La Sala  for an evening of the rowdy and elegant New Mexican dances that have enlivened house parties and dance halls across Northern New Mexico for hundreds of years.

Lone Piñon and Friends will provide live music and dancer leader Lucy Salazar will be there to get us going on the Cuna, Varsoviana, Valse de los Paños, Chotis, and more. Come help bring the dances to life, subvert colonialism, nourish intergenerational wisdom, and have fun!

When: September 28, 2019

Where: La Sala de Galisteo

5637 Rt. 41, Galisteo, NM 87540

Time: Doors open at 7 PM and event from 7:30 – 9:00 PM

Performance is free and open to the public, donations welcomed at the door.

Lone Piñon member, Jordan Wax explains the band’s philosophy

The musicians of Lone Piñon learned from elder musicians who instilled in them a respect for continuity and an example of the radicalism, creativity, and cross-cultural solidarity that has always been necessary for musical traditions to adapt and thrive in each generation. In 2014, we started Lone Piñon as a way to explore and strengthen the oldest sounds of traditional New Mexico string music, sounds that had all but disappeared from daily life. Through relationships with elders, study of field recordings, connections to parallel traditional music and dance revitalization movements in the US and Mexico, and hundreds of performances, we’re bringing the language of New Mexico traditional music and related regional traditions back onto the modern stage, back onto dance floors, and back into the ears of a young generation.”

Video by Andy Fertal of May 2019 Event: